Lean, Mean Mazak Machine

Mazak FH-8800

Durst can receive an order for a transmission in the morning and ship the finished product in the afternoon. If you want to understand why Durst’s response time is second to none, walk into the main manufacturing area at our headquarters in Clinton, Wisconsin.

The first thing you notice is the battery of CNC machining centers. Sized and equipped to the demands of nonstop chip cutting, these machines run continuously, turning out accurate and reliable Durst products.

The backbone of production is the Mazak FH-8800 horizontal machining center. This workhorse is acclaimed for its fast spindle acceleration, feed rate and automatic tool changing. The FH-8800 features eight pallets and a large pallet size of 800 x 800 mm (31.5 x 51.5 inches). Parts can be rotated, allowing multiple operations to be performed in a single work holding instance. Thanks to the multiple pallets, part loading and unloading occur outside of the machining envelope while the machine runs other parts.

The advanced automation, including the high-capacity tool changer and auto sensors to detect worn or broken tools, cuts steps from the production process that don’t add value. An inspection probe indicates whether or not parts comply with specified tolerances. Such automated tasks free the operator to set up another pallet, inspect parts, update tooling and perform subassemblies.