Bob Brandemuehl, Technology Manager

Bob Brandemuehl Bob Brandemuehl

Thousands of new products hit the market each year. Many quietly disappear without ever registering on the radar. What sets Durst products apart from the also-rans? Everything from product excellence to cost-effective manufacturing to compatible distribution channels.

“Innovative new products are the future of Durst,” says Bob Brandemuehl, Technology Manager. “Product development is an ongoing process in which the entire Durst organization is always looking for new product opportunities. Development procedures at Durst are based on a framework that streamlines the steps from the creation of the concept through development and design to the final production and service. Resources are allocated to identify market changes, seize upon opportunities before they occur, eliminate redundancies and overcome roadblocks.”

Bob is an accomplished expert in mechanical power transmission drives. He not only brings a seasoned approach to the development process, but he also isn’t afraid to think outside the “business-as-usual” box. His relevant, practical insights help minimize the ups and downs of the new product development cycle.

Twenty-three of Bob’s 42 years in engineering have been devoted to product design engineering and development at Durst. Bob will celebrate his 24th anniversary with Durst in November. He has continually focused on ensuring customer satisfaction through unmatched product performance.

Prior to joining Durst, Bob spent 18 years in the new product development group at Falk Corp. He earned his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering.